Sunday, October 21, 2012

royheid & the metroplex (dahnya)

You know how last week I talked about the never ending birthday celebrations? Well, this weekend: they continued because Heidi & Roy drove out to visit!

As per usual when Heidi is around, things that would not normally happen, happen. What was to have been a leisurely exploration through the park turned into...

us registering for my very first 5k! 

While Roy ran 12 miles and Fran assembled art (or machinery?), us girls ran for diabetes & then celebrated in the shade while bopping to a 90s cover band*. 

At the end of our morning adventure, we all treated ourselves to the Ol' Pancake House pancakes. Which I could live off of. 

You would think that all I just shared would have been the end of day 1. Normally, this would have encompassed one entire weekend but, there was more to explore. 

The FW stockyards! A place that could not possibly be any more Texan than it is. You shall soon see this for yourself:

it's like the trail of independence in Boston but full of Texans. 

Hogwarts Express? I wish!

Having Roy along for company made Fran a happy tourist.

FW rebel explorers

Happy cows live in California.

NOT Texas, apparently. 

At this point, you would think I'm about to wrap up & lapse into a syrupy sweet explanation as to why I Heidi & Roy so much but, nope. Not yet. There's more!

Because we drove into Dallas for the Texas State fair. Where we gorged ourselves in fried food and people watching.

margarita with a side of fried red velvet cupcake

a fried mac & cheese slider

fried chicken & waffle

fried pbj 

One would have hoped that after all the fried undertakings, we would have restrained ourselves from eating other offerings but we still had a little more room for...

The poorly named "yeast roll" which took the #2 spot on our favorites list. 

However, the umbrella topped pina colada was (in our opinion) the fair's best buy. 

Not only was it delicious, it garnered up to 20 strangers asking where to get their own fruity drink. 

It also made for multiple photo ops. 

Thanks for the memories, TSF! 

Sometimes it hits me that thanks to Fran, Heidi & Roy came into my life. That thanks to Facebook, Heidi and I grew close (the boys & celebrity gossip have a lot to do with it, too). That through thick and thin, these two amazing people have been with us at our highest high & lowest low. We may not see them too often. We may live hundreds of miles away but, it blows me away just how awesome (and rare) it is to have a friendship that picks up right where it left off every single time. 

Please come back, soon! 

*the Dick Belding's were so fun, I am considering looking them up to see them live once again. Also, the name? HILARIOUS.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

year 29 (dahnya)

It was the birthday that kept on giving! Be prepared. I am still in the midst of utter excitement about everything that has happened the past few days, I may ramble & bombard you with pictures...

Don't say I didn't warn you.

It all started on Thursday when I came home to this:

Yes. Fran MADE a massive fort and then took the giant frame we used for the wedding to create a GIANT screen to watch movies! If any of you have been following my pinterest, you will have noticed that a backyard movie theatre was one of my dreams. I couldn't have asked for more!

Except, there was more.

My family drove over 200 miles to spend the weekend here with us. I hadn't seen Claud or Osk or Alicia since July. Seeing them would have been gift enough but, they also came bearing many presents & even better, my mom's mexican cooking.

One of my favorite gifts: my mom saw this HK bouquet online, saw the price tag & balked. When she found a tutorial, she created my very own HK centerpiece! Any creativity I possess I owe to her.

Doakes eyeing my new Yoda doll, courtesy of Claudia. Which was a replacement for the last Yoda he had destroyed. Munching stuffed animals is his thing, you see.

My mom also made the meal that for the past five birthdays I have asked for: her enchiladas verdes with sopa seca (dry soup, aka mexican spaghetti). It doesn't photograph very well (or help slim your waistline any) but, believe me, it's to die for. 

In the midst of our food coma: facebooking, youtubing & studying for chemistry tests. 

The next morning involved Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes (get them!) & barely breathing through  Felix Baumgartner's record breaking jump (how crazy was that moment when he stepped out of his ship?!).  

Surrounded by all my favorite people! Best. weekend. ever. If only it were my birthday every day. 

I know, I know. Then it wouldn't be special. Thank you family, I love you guys so very much!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

dirty d (part II)

Last weekend when we ventured into Dallas (stop shuddering, Houstonians, it's not that bad), we got a slight teaser of their art museum. What little we got to see when we walked the halls for the film festival, we knew we were coming back. Here's a pictorial recap of the day:

Confession, of all the exhibits, the children's section was my favorite. What's not to love about a rainbow mirror booth?! 

But, let me backtrack because we woke up to a gray, chilly autumn day that threatened cold rain all day  . Regardless of the gloom, our run treated us to the most beautiful clouds.  

Thank goodness we took the time to run with Doakes because we ate our weight with this massive cinnamon roll in an area in Dallas known as Munger Place. While the restaurant, the Mecca, was sort of a dud. 
The area it was located in was surrounded by gorgeous houses (think West U meets Montrose, without the pride) and perhaps worth a further, more extensive visit in the future.

 From there we headed over to the DMA and got our culture on. 
Please ignore the crooked picture, I just loved the bright colors these giant flowers brought into the room! Needless to say, Fran detested it. 

I think the best part of the day was that it kept going. We hadn't realized how quickly we would walk through the museum so, when we finished the impromptu detours began. 

First stop: the Belmont Bar. I had been looking forward to visiting the Belmont for months. Back when we were still living in Mildred, one of the girls I diligently follow on IG had posted a few pictures from her stay there & I had fallen in love. My expectations were extremely high & I was a teeny bit worried I had built it up so much in my mind, we would be let down. 

Luckily, it did not disappoint. 
the view from here cannot be beat

When we walked in, there was a large group of older musicians gathered around with instruments free styling bluegrass songs. Sitting back and watching the sheer joy they expressed in playing with one another was an awesome experience. Almost had me wanting to sing along- except, my voice would be nowhere near as good & god knows I can't play a single instrument. 

The Belmont is a definite stop on our next Dallas trip.

As we left the bar, we realized it was still relatively early and impulsively stopped by another bar (I know) on our way to the expressway. 

I fell in love with the string lights & the carefully tended cacti gardens. As well as the fried chicken and reconverted freight cars cozily furnished with shabby couches. The only thing that was puzzling: it was completely empty. It was cold but, not that cold. The Foundry seems like a super chill hangout but...apparently Sunday evenings are not the time to be there?

Either way we hope to keep expanding our list of places to see and do. In the meantime, most have been hits, which makes it hard to decide what to try out next time. Any DFW suggestions?